So Why Should You Work with an Expert Witness?

There are many benefits to working with an expert witness, including but not limited to:

  • Fully understands the legal discovery process. Evidence is key in any legal case, and discovery is the process of investigating and compiling evidence. An experienced forensic drug expert witness will have an intimate knowledge of the discovery process and how to effectively curate evidence that supports the defendant.
  • Knows the ethical standards required of an expert witness. A common and almost expected legal tactic is to question the education and ethics of an expert witness. If a prosecutor can cause a jury to doubt an expert witness, that testimony then becomes much less influential. Seasoned drug experts understand and meet the ethical and educational requirements of an expert witness and are difficult for the other side to discredit.
  • Uses methodologies they know will stand up against scrutiny. Expert witnesses know what methodologies to use that stand up against the rigid scrutiny of the other side. They avoid employing methods to collect evidence and form their opinions that can be questioned or dismantled by the other side’s legal team.
  • Provides clear and concise reports in easy-to-understand language. Judges and juries often don’t understand the complex information related to drug cases, such as pharmacology and toxicology data. An expert witness offers clearly written, easy-to-understand reports that makes critical information accessible to the average person.
  • Understands their role in the process of negotiations and litigation. A forensic drug expert witness not only knows how to properly conduct themselves during trial, but also during negotiations when evidence is still being evaluated.