Forensic Expert Services

Case Review

The drug expert will first provide an independent, unbiased review of the entire case. This includes police reports, photographs, medical records, past criminal records, behavioral health history, text and social media messages, and other important documents that will help the expert put together a picture of the entire case. During this time, if the drug expert has any questions about the case, they will generally work with your attorney to get the answers needed.

Defendant Interview

Independent Medical and Behavioral Exams

Rarely, a forensic drug expert witness will interview the defendant directly. However, doing so allows the state of Maryland to take certain actions that may not necessarily be beneficial to your case. Whenever possible, the expert witness will obtain information from available records, recorded interviews and depositions, or from the defendant’s attorney directly.
If needed, a forensic drug expert witness can arrange for the defendant to have an independent medical or behavioral exam by an impartial doctor who has experience conducting these types of exams. It’s important that when the exam is done, the doctor understands what to look for and how to record the information in your chart so it can be accessed by the legal teams involved in your case.

Written Reports

A forensic drug expert witness typically provides multiple written reports to be filed with the case and used as evidence as needed during case negotiations or trial. These reports can include toxicological information about specific drugs, medical findings in regards to the patient, professional opinions, and other information that the expert witness deems relevant to the case.

Expert Testimony In Court

When a case cannot be resolved outside of court and the parties move forward towards trial, an expert witness can provide testimony regarding their findings. They will testify in front of the judge and jury and are subject to questioning and cross-examination by the prosecution and defense.

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